Landscape lighting is the way to go if you want to elevate your home’s design and appearance to the next level. The fantastic results that may be obtained when simple lighting solutions are combined with other design components of a home, such as paint and feature pieces, are frequently astonishing and thrilling.

If we think of light as paint, we can add or subtract colour to your entire surroundings to generate a variety of effects using some simple strategies that may be used in landscape lighting design.

Our lighting designers have years of experience and can assist you with your lighting strategy. We will assist you in making a proper option that is tailored to your home’s needs. Working examples can also be provided, which can be extremely helpful when choosing fixtures and fittings.

If you are unsure of what sort of lighting you would like to use for the outside of your home and garden, we can conduct an overnight demonstration at your home, showcasing how to bring your garden to life after dark using our creative skills.


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A well light, also known as an inground light, is a circular device that is installed down into the ground to illuminate walkways and paths. The elegance and prominence of your garden’s features are greatly enhanced with inground lighting. With an uplight effect that highlights the entire tree or structure, it aids in getting attention and ambiance.

It also shadows the characters that stand about the yard regularly; individuals you wouldn’t see otherwise. Uplighting works best when combined with spotlights, although it may also work well on its own.

Spotlights and floodlights can be used to highlight exact features within your landscaping. Whether this is to highlight a grassed area for children and pets to play or to emphasise a pool or water feature. This type of lighting can be easily installed into the sides of your home or on other structures.

In terms of installation and power, electricians can run existing power from your home to power your lighting off existing circuits, these means that you can control the lighting with a switch or timer. Other effective lighting options are solar-charged lights which can come on automatically when the sun goes down. During initial consultations, our team can chat with you about the best options for your lifestyle.

Post lights assist to highlight your home’s pathway and provide an ambient tone without the harshness of floodlights. Tall poles are ideal for lighting roads and large expanses of land that are difficult to see in the dark. Paths and tiny alcoves benefit from shorter posts.

Our landscapers will take note of the diameter of the light you choose to determine how many post lights you’ll need. This will ensure that the next light is then placed on the outside of that light’s arc. It is also important to consider how high each of the posts is so as to fit the flow of your outdoor space and avoid making it look like a light field or maze.

Footpath lights are basic outdoor lights that should be included in every yard garden. They are similar to post lights but they are smaller and shorter. Footpath lights are a simple way to increase visual appeal while also making it easier to walk down these paths at night. These lights can also be wired to your home’s circuits or there are solar options available too.

What client say?

Ross and the team were professional, on time, and did a great job on my landscaping project. So in love with our new yard, I couldn't recommend Homescapes enough. Great prices too!

Deborah Ballerscheff

Currambine, 6028

We recently just had our driveway and front yard landscaping done with Homescapes. I'm not usually someone who writes reviews but these guys nailed it. The pavers are immaculate and now that we have a front garden wall, I feel like we've gained another 200m2 of the yard (the dog is very happy)

Luke Hester

Joondalup, 6027

The team from Homescapes did a wonderful job with our pool pavers. Before we engaged Ross, we had very slippery concrete - now we have beautiful pavers that match the aesthetic of the yard brilliantly. We also had a few flower beds placed around the outside of the pool and now it looks like a tropical paradise! I cant wait for the weather to warm up so we can make use of the new space properly!

Marianne Fosse

Ocean Reef, 6027